YouTuber Creates Hilarious KEEMSTAR vs Fousey Wrestling Fight in WWE 2k18

YouTube Fights

Over the past week, the recent online feud between YouTubers Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem and Yousef ‘Fousey’ Erakat has become very publicized.

It has been so forefront in the spotlight, that even a video has surfaced online showing the pair locked in an animated, WWE wrestling match.

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A channel known as ‘YouTube Fights‘ has used the custom player design features of WWE 2k18 to take the popular YouTubers’ feud to the wrestling ring.

Their efforts have resulted in a hilarious video in which KEEMSTAR and Fousey do some serious battle full of insane wrestling moves like the backbreaker, chokeslam, piledriver, and more.

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Perhaps the most amazing and comical aspect of the video is how accurate both YouTubers have been recreated in-game. 

Fousey is shown wearing his classic white undershirt, while KEEMSTAR is fitted with his ‘DramaAlert’ shirt, tan cargo pants, and preferred backwards cap style.

The resemblances are so uncanny, that even KEEM tweeted out his reaction to the video, in which he can be heard laughing hysterically. 

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The fight was created in WWE 2k18 to make light of the YouTubers’ recent feud, which stemmed from Fousey’s failed attempt to host a music festival.

KEEMSTAR has released a full, multi-part documentary explaining the situation, and it appears that the two have patched things up.