YouTuber claims MrBeast was not paid for extravagant airline video

YouTuber claims mrbeast wasnt paid for extravagant airline videoYouTube: FLAGRANT, MrBeast

A YouTuber is claiming that internet superstar MrBeast was not sponsored by airlines in a $500,000 video, but instead encountered major difficulties and ended up paying out of pocket for the project.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is one of the internet’s most famous figures. The YouTuber, who currently reigns as the site’s most-subscribed creator, has become a social media icon for his wildly extravagant videos and charitable projects.

From his big-budget recreation of Netflix’s hit series Squid Game to his super-viral video paying for 1,000 people’s cataract surgeries, MrBeast is nothing short of a household name on the internet.

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However, despite his good deeds and high-value entertainment, the influencer has come under fire in the past due to his wealth. He notably received a swath of backlash after he published his cataract surgery video, with some critics accusing him of profiting from disadvantaged people.

More recently, the YouTuber came under scrutiny after publishing a video comparing a $1 plane ticket vs a $500,000 ticket. Some users suggested that he may have been paid to promote the more expensive airlines… but another content creator is hitting back at those claims.

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YouTuber hits back at claims MrBeast was paid for extravagant airplane video

YouTuber Nonstop Dan says that he worked with MrBeast to make his plane ticket experiment come to life, and claims that Donaldson was not paid by any of the airlines involved to promote their companies.

In fact, Nonstop Dan says that MrBeast actually encountered major difficulties in securing filming rights on the planes, and ended up paying for the whole project out of his own pocket.

“You might be surprised that, not only did he pay full price for all his tickets — sometimes buying out the whole first class cabin for tens of thousands of dollars — but the airlines didn’t even want him onboard,” he claimed.

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“His team had a huge battle to even be allowed to record. Point is, the airlines made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars and got over 100 million views of free promo, all while giving MrBeast a hard time.”

This isn’t the first time MrBeast has spoken about losing a huge chunk of change on his videos; in fact, the YouTuber claims he doesn’t even care how much money he makes from the platform, saying he only “likes money because I can hire more people and grow my business, but not so like I can increase my lifestyle.”

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