YouTuber Chris Stuckmann reveals “biggest” problem with Pixar’s Onward

YouTube/Chris Stuckmann

Film critic and popular YouTuber Chris Stuckmann has revealed why he has no intention on watching Pixar’s Onward again.

Onward stars Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as brothers who live in a world where magic is real, but the people in it have forgotten how to use magic. As a result, people have become reliant on modern technology.

That all changes when the brothers discover a message from their deceased father and embark on a quest with their dad’s legs to bring him fully back to life.

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Onward is in theaters now.

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While Stuckmann appreciates the film for being original, looking photo-realistic, and never feeling boring, he has no plans to watch it again.

“I would say I liked it about as much as I did Monsters University,” he explained, referencing another Pixar flick. “That movie was fine for a one-time watch. I’ve never watched it since. I’ll probably never watch Onward again.”

“There’s a lot of attempt at humor and I found a lot of the jokes weren’t very funny,” the critic added.

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However, his biggest problem was how he had a difficult time siding with the main characters and connecting with their “plight.”

“I didn’t really care that much that these two brothers never had much of a relationship with their father and now they’re running around with his legs,” he stated. “Unfortunately it’s really hard to connect with the lower half of someone’s body – God, this is going to turn into a Rated-R review,” he laughed.

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“When the person you’re supposed to care about bringing back to life, even for just one day, is nothing but pants, it’s kinda hard to give a s**t,” Stuckmann proclaimed.

Chris Stuckmann/YouTube
Stuckmann had a hard time connecting with the characters.

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Luckily, the ending of the film and its third act seem to have “saved it” for the YouTuber. “Up until then I thought it was on the lower end of Pixar’s rank, but after the third act it picked up.”

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“I think it’s going to depend on how much you care about these two brothers trying to bring their dad back,” he warned potential viewers.

While he recommended that viewers check it out, Stuckmann also expects better from the studio in the future. As such, he awarded the film a “B” grade.

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