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YouTuber CapnDesDes accused of kissing, sending explicit messages to minors

Published: 21/Feb/2021 23:20

by Charlotte Colombo


Destery Smith, who goes by the alias of CapnDesDes on YouTube, has faced multiple allegations of inappropriate conduct with fans, some as young as twelve, with the alleged victims coming forward and sharing their stories online.

The initial allegation were shared by TikTok’s ‘stripperdreamz’ in early February. She alleged that when she was 13, she started sharing “flirty messages” and explicit photos with Destery, who was 2o at the time, on Twitter. She also alleges that he offered to fly her out to stay with him.

Another allegation she made was that while she was speaking to Destery, she reached out to other girls on Twitter who were communicating with him. She claims that one of the girls, who was 15, recounted in messages to her how she kissed Destery.


“There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of young girls who have been used, exploited and groomed by Destery,” she said.

Following the release of these TikToks, Smith’s former friend Nathan Davies — who was part of the DesandNate YouTube channel — shared how he ended his friendship with Destery after finding out he was cheating on his girlfriend at the time, Amber.

On the allegations, Davies said that “we’ve probably only scratched the surface of the things he’s done,” and that he has “met a handful of people who have shared their experiences with me.”

Another former friend, Leighton Stollard, also made a statement on Twitter claiming that he “knows for a fact Destery keeps folders of tons of videos and pictures of his exes or any girl that has ever sent him nudes.”


A further allegation was shared by TikTok user ‘urgirladrie,’ who claimed that Smith would encourage fans to Snapchat him in the evenings, and claimed that when she was 12, the YouTuber would try and initiate sexual conversations with her on the app.


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Twitter user Kaitlyn Marie then shared a video statement on the platform on 13 February, wherein she claimed that she began an online relationship with Smith around the time she was diagnosed with chronic health issues and was struggling with her mental health.

Marie claimed in her statement that Smith “took advantage” of her while she was “sick and vulnerable.” She added: “Who knew that dozens of us would have stories about Destery Smith.”


Another Twitter user Kimberly then posted a Tweet on 17 February revealing a blog post allegedly made by Smith when he was 19 wherein he admits that his girlfriend at the time was 15 years old. The post said: “She is 15, and I am 19 […] I don’t think there needs to be an age limit on how you feel towards someone.”

Although Destery has not made any official comment on the allegations, streamer Damon Fizzy posted an unverified screenshot which he alleges was from Smith in a message to a fan.

The screenshot says: “I know that regardless of making some DUMB ass choices in my life that luckily, like any human being, I’ve learned from, I can safely and confidently say […] I never sleep with anyone underage.”


Smith has since made his Twitter private, but hasn’t made any further public comment on the allegations.