YouTuber builds PS5 Slim console – but it nearly melts

YouTuber DIY Perks celebrates after building a DIY PS5 Slim consoleYouTube: DIY Perks

YouTuber DIY Perks has successfully managed to build a PS5 slim console by himself. However, it wasn’t the easiest of tasks. 

The PS5 is famed for being a monster of a machine. As Sony’s biggest ever console, the PS5 weighs in at 390mm (15.4 inches) tall, 260mm (10.24 inches) deep, and 104mm (4.09 inches) wide.

So, it’s no surprise that fans have been desperate for a Slim version similar to that of the PS4 that would still be able to run AAA titles without overheating.

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Despite it seeming like an impossible task, technological wizard DIY Perks managed to build his own DIY of a PS5 Slim. Although, he experienced his fair share of setbacks.

YouTuber DIY Perks' brass PS5 consoleYouTube: DIY Perks
This isn’t the first time that DIY Perks has reworked a PS5. Who also gave one console a golden brass transformation.

DIY Perks builds PS5 Slim console

Documenting the mammoth task on his YouTube channel, DIY Perks set to work deconstructing a PS5 console aiming to squeeze all the components into a 2cm tall console.

Although this wasn’t his only challenge. Another important factor was ensuring that his DIY console had the appropriate cooling system that would prevent the machine from overheating which would kill it.

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While it might seem impossible to some, DIY Perks was perfectly skilled for the job. The YouTuber has previously taken on projects such as constructing a working submarine, an artificial sun, and an invisible monitor.

For his latest project, Perks began by stripping away all the chunky cooling components inside the PS5’s internal system. He then swapped them for a water-cooling system that he attached to a hidden away power brick.

However, he hit a major bump in the road when a basket that he had been using to balance the power brick fell over and disrupted the airflow causing the PS5 to overheat.

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Yet, he quickly resolved the problem thanks to using the parts from another PS5 and even managed to set himself up for a game of Horizon: Forbidden West which ran perfectly.

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