YouTuber beats record for most slices eaten at Gordon Ramsay’s bottomless pizza restaurant

YouTuber beats record for most slices eaten at Gordon Ramsay’s bottomless pizza restaurantYouTube: BeardMeatsFood

Gordon Ramsay’s Street Kitchen challenges restaurant-goers to test their appetite with a pizza-eating challenge — and one YouTuber just beat the record.

For just £17, restaurant-goers at Gordon Ramsay’s Street Kitchen can eat as much pizza as their stomachs allow in a bid to beat the record for most slices in two hours.

The winner gets their name on top of the blackboard and some major bragging rights, with the record previously standing at a whooping 38 slices.

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However, that has all changed after one YouTuber took on the challenge and took home the crown.

Adam Moran, who goes by ‘BeardMeatsFood’ online, is an English competitive eater and YouTuber.

He frequently shares videos of himself traveling across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada to various restaurants where he attempts to beat the eating challenges they have on offer.

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And his latest venture has seen him wander into Gordan Ramsay’s very own Street Kitchen, where he mistakingly thought the record for most pizza slices was 18 — not 38.

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“Buckle up folks,” Moran said. “It’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Cobra poseUnsplash: tabitha turner
The cobra pose in yoga can be used to stimulate digestion.

Nonetheless, Moran ultimately prevailed with the help of a yoga pose used to help with eating, inhaling an impressive total of 48 slices.

“That was hard work but we got it done, new record 48 slices,” Moran said. “Come down, see if you can beat it. Or actually don’t, just have one of their regular pizzas.”

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