YouTuber BasicallyHomeless makes $10k gaming PC inside a Mini Fridge

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YouTuber BasicallyHomeless has finally created the essential PC setup that every gamer dreams of, as his Nvidia RTX 3090 powered gaming mini-fridge might change appliances forever. 

When you need to take a break from picking up wins in Warzone, there’s nothing that kicking back with a cold drink and soaking in the taste of victory.

Over the years, plenty of gamers have picked up mini-fridges to keep near their gaming set-ups. Microsoft even embraced the trend by creating working mini-fridges based on the Xbox Series X design.

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Yet, YouTuber BasicallyHomeless has taken things to the next level with his $10,000 setup that is here to keep your 12 pack of Pepsi Max as cool as ice while you slay fools in Verdansk.

BasicallyHomeless The YouTuber has created some insane creations before, like an Iron Man-inspired glove to control Warzone.

$10,000 fridge is the future of gaming

The YouTuber has had his ambitious project sat in the background for so long, that he “lost 20lbs” and had his “firstborn son” over the course of developing the unusual creation. Though, he finally got round to putting it all together.

Initially trying to put a PC setup straight into a mini-fridge, this variation “doesn’t work” and turns the situation into a “hot insulated wet box, with really expensive and broken computer parts in it.”

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As the cooling system just “wasn’t powerful enough,” this meant that the content creator had to think outside of the box. “Why not overclock the refrigerator?” he added when explaining the process of the build. Ultimately, he was able to put a build together with an RTX 3090 graphics card, so the games look as good as possible while keeping the drinks chilly.

From the science behind the fridge side of things, the YouTuber had to rustle up”custom fabricated holes or mounts,” to make it work. In the end, the PC/mini-fridge could chill a drink at 12 degrees/56.6 Fahrenheit. Interestingly, it gave better cooling at 4K resolution than 2K as well.

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If this mini-fridge is a start, who knows what appliance could become the ultimate gaming machine next.

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