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YouTuber baits Love Island Sherif & Ollie Williams with fake promo prank

Published: 12/May/2020 1:01 Updated: 25/Aug/2021 10:13

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTube comedian Jack ‘JaackMaate’ Dean revealed a sneaky prank where he got Love Island contestants Sherif & Ollie Williams to promote his channel by shouting out a fake product.

JaackMate is one of the most popular YouTubers in the UK with over 1.2 million subscribers. He is known for his comedic videos, as well as his Happy Hour Podcast which has featured guests such as musician Example, KSI, True Geordie, and more.

Fans of the personality know his love-hate relationship with British reality show Love Island, and during his May 11 upload, he got the last laugh by pranking some of the show’s most notorious participants.


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JaackMaate pranks Love Island contestants

In his latest video, the British star revealed he had tricked participants Sherif and Ollie Williams into promoting a fake product. Using Johnson’s Baby Lotion, he created a “luxury cosmetic” called ‘JAQmaite’ moisturizing cream.

The comedian explained he had spent two months running a Twitter account for his fake beauty brand. Making it seem further legitimate, he hilariously got fellow YouTuber and influencer Harmony Nice to make a testimonial video for his bogus website.

Jack didn’t stop there – he even created a whole back catalog of fictional products, including hairspray and a bath bomb with the joke description “the most powerful bomb since Hiroshima” – oof.


YouTube: JaackMaate
The British YouTuber used baby lotion to make his “luxury” cosmetic.

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The British star then sent out offers to past LI contestants to promote the product. Sherif was the first to respond, and made a video describing how wonderful the cream was and how it was ‘unisex’. “It’s rare for me to encounter a cream that doesn’t clog up my pores,” the reality star exclaimed.

The YouTube star broke into laughter, stunned that he actually read their instructions. “I literally can’t believe we got him to describe our moisturizer as unisex! Sorry, but has there ever been a moisturizer that isn’t unisex?”

Months later, Jack finally got Ollie Williams to respond and take the deal. On April 19, he uploaded his testimony of the product, stating, “Really, really quality stuff. Makes my skin feel amazing!” The comedian laughed and said “Thank you, Ollie! I love JaackMaate too!”


(Timestamp 00:33 for mobile users.)

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The YouTuber has notoriously mocked the reality show on his channel, pulling in millions of views by roasting past seasons. The personality comically summed up the program as “a TV show in which a load of supposed s**y singletons are thrown into a villa to see if they will mate.”

Despite not getting everyone he wanted to, the comedian managed to nab two of the program’s most infamous contestants. If nothing else, the video is an eye-opening reminder that not all sponsored products are actually even tried by those promoting them.