YouTuber Airrack surprises David Dobrik with 100 Dobrik clones to celebrate return

airrack and david dobrik clone prankInstagram: airrack

David Dobrik has made his YouTube return after over a year away and, despite criticism of his return, good friend Airrack decided to celebrate in classic Dobrik style.

Dobrik stopped posting his famous vlogs to YouTube after LA shut down following the global health situation.

His ordeal became much worse throughout 2021 as sexual assault allegations were made against former Vlog Squad member Durte Dom, as well as it being revealed that he had caused a near-fatal injury to his friend Jeff Wittek with an excavator.

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That said, there are still a huge legion of fans excited to see Dobrik return, including Airrack who has seen monumental growth himself throughout 2020 and 2021.

David Dobrik VIEWS podcastYouTube: David Dobrik VIEWS
David Dobrik lost billions of YouTube views and subscribers after his past pranks came under intense scrutiny.

Airrack has forced himself into the circles of top influencers as a fearless YouTuber who regularly plays pranks on the biggest names, including his first meeting with Dobrik which saw him sneak his way into the vlog.

Dobrik is known for pranking his friends and putting them in bizarre situations, so Airrack decided to replicate that by hiring 100 David lookalikes, who he wanted to recreate his iconic chuckle after everything he said.

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So, he hired all of the clones and brought them to Dobrik’s new home, with a clearly nervous David absolutely mindblown when he saw the large group stood at the bottom of the stairs.

After several moments of speechlessness and pure shock, David finally exclaimed “Bro, get the f**k out of here!” while his clones laughed on. “Are you f**king kidding me?!”

Eventually, he thanked Airrack but told him that “every time you have something, it’s above and beyond.”

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David eventually pranked his friends with the 100 Dobrik clones and even orchestrated them to wake up his friend and housemate Ilya, who didn’t look too impressed. Perhaps one David Dobrik is enough for now.

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