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YouTuber Adam22 reveals “problems” that forced him to close his store

Published: 29/Feb/2020 15:24

by Daniel Cleary


Popular podcast host and YouTuber Adam22 has revealed some of the “problems” that caused him to close his iconic store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Adam22 has built a massive following of over 3 million subscribers for his rap podcast ‘No Jumper’ and his vlogs which often feature many of the top rappers.

His podcast along with many of his vlogs were often based in his “onsomeshit” BMX store which he revealed is shutting down soon.

No Jumper
Adam22’s No Jumper podcast regularly includes appearances from some of the top rappers.

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During his February 26 upload, Adam22 revealed that although things were going well for the store, there were some “problems” that caused him to close it.


“The store is doing fine business-wise, it’s doing so much better right now than it ever was doing in the past but we have problems at the store,” he clarified, before breaking down the main issues.

The first of his major problems was that major construction was underway right next to his store and revealed it was likely to carry on for many months.

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“The construction next door is insanely bad,” he expressed, explaining that a parking garage was being built and that the “terrible noise” would have potentially affected his podcasts during the year.

Another one of his problems was that the area they were based in was not what it used to be, “the block was lit when we moved in, there might be a few shops that are kinda cool but basically that block has just fallen off in general.”


The popular YouTuber was also concerned about his safety, after he was victim to an attack during one of his livestreams, revealing that it was too easy for people to walk into the back of the store where they would host the podcast.

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Adam22 also highlighted some other minor problems such as the broken air conditioner, which caused them some discomfort particularly in summer and revealed that he was on the lookout for a new location.

He later explained that for the time being they were going to work and host the podcast out of his store’s warehouse space once he manages to get it set up.