YouTube stream captures fastest Rubik’s cube solve at EU Championships

WCA YouTube

Tymon Kolasiński made history by recording a sub-four second Rubik’s Cube solve captured on camera, a moment that electrified the WCA EU Championships and YouTube audiences.

There’s been a couple 3x3x3 Rubik’s solves that were under four seconds but none that were caught on film. This time, however, everything from the build-up to dropping palms were caught on Twitch and YouTube for everyone to review.

Over 600 people entered the EU Champs at Copenhagen’s Valby Hallen venue to see who the best speedcubing competitor was, and it got wild on Saturday to say the least.

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Fans at the World Cube Association EU Championship were roaring throughout the venue after seeing Kolasiński’s latest record Rubik’s Cube run grace a rare runtime.(Timestamp at 6:32:46 for mobile viewers)

The timer had stopped just short of four seconds with Tymon Kolasiński etching in a time of 3.97s, throwing down the hands to stamp the record.

The scorching time helped Kolasiński advance to the next round of the 3x3x3 and provided one of the best highlights of the weekend thus far.

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Though there are only two better times than the Polish competitor’s new mark, according to the World Cube Association the 3.97 second mark is the fastest 3x3x3 completion in EU history.

The accolade added to Kolasiński’s achievements at EU Champs so far, which include topping the competition at both the 6x6x6 and the 7x7x7 circuits.

That single completion should put Kolasiński’s name on the Top 10 all-time singles list for the second time with the third spot under Asher Kim-Magierek (3.89) and Yusheng Du (3.47).

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Kolasiński also has the second best average all-time result with a 5.09 mark that he recorded at the Cubers Eve Lubartów 2021.

Still, his freshly minted sub-four second record was something to admire that every Rubik’s Cube fan could find something to appreciate.