YouTube star Lui Calibre faces new claims of sexually harassing minors

Instagram: Lui Calibre

YouTube star streamer and content creator Lui Calibre is now facing new allegations of sexually harassing and assaulting minors. Victims allege Calibre, who has over 5 million subscribers, used his “fame” to “prey on, manipulate, and abuse girls.”

Lui Calibre, real name Luis Frederick Pablo, is facing a new batch of sexual harassment allegations after numerous victims opened up about their relationships with the YouTube star.

Calibre, now 36, reportedly messaged underage girls, asking for explicit pictures of them. He also sent nudes to these girls and cheated on some of his “committed” partners.

Lui Calibre sexual harassment allegationsInstagram: Lui Calibre
Multiple women have accused Lui Calibre of sexually assaulting and harassing them. Some of them were underage while in a relationship with him.

Syanne, one of the women accusing Calibre of sexual harassment, said that Lui “seems to have zero remorse, guilt, or sense of wrongdoing.”

“Lui has a consistent record of using his fame and following to lure young, vulnerable fans into ‘relationships’ with him. He treats these girls like complete garbage, even going so far as to share their nude photos (some of which are underage) without consent,” she said in a May 14 statement.

Syanne said eight women came to her with their own stories of Lui Calibre harassing them, with “no doubt there are even more out there who have not spoken up.”

Her dossier of allegations includes screenshots where Lui “blackmails” girls into sending nude photos.

“You think I broke a law because you said you love me, sent me nudes, and I accepted them? You’re doing what any other girl who wants my attention does,” one message reads.

“If you gave it [explicit photos] to me, I can do what I please with it,” he says in a different phone call.

In California, where Lui reportedly still lives, it’s a crime to share people’s nudes if they were sent in private and caused “serious emotional distress.”

The YouTube star has been on hiatus since May 2020, just before the first set of allegations were leveled against him by Syanne.

Back then, Syanne claimed Lui forced her to have sex on numerous occasions while they were together.

“There would be some days where I didn’t want to have sex and would tell him ‘no,’ but he would try and push himself onto me, and I would just take it in silence and then cry in bed. It was a terrible feeling,” she said.

Lui Calibre broke his silence after Syanne’s second tweet went viral on May 14, posting a love heart on Twitter with the number five. He disabled replies to the tweet.