YouTube reveals new live content layout for channels to rival Twitch

YouTube logo on a dark backgroundUnsplash: Alexander Shatov

YouTube Gaming Partner Manager Jake Curtis has revealed a new layout for channel pages that will put more emphasis on live content throughout the platform.

Over the last few years, YouTube Gaming has continued to grow into a platform that rivals Twitch for live streaming.

They’ve acquired a plethora of big-name talent like Valkyrae, Fuslie, TimTheTatman, and more.

On September 15, YouTube Gaming Partner Manager Jake Curtis revealed “highly requested” updates to Channel Pages that will start rolling out to the platform this fall.

YouTube reveals new channel pages & layout

In the newly announced redesign, Channel Pages will split content between Long Form, Shorts, and Live content on each account — providing a way for creators to separate their content between different tabs.

On top of that, they announced in a video that they will also enable an algorithm that will put channel content in front of users based on what they enjoy.

For example, if a user comes to your channel after watching one of your live streams, the home tab on the new channel layout will provide that user with your other VODs, or similar long-form videos.

Shortly after the announcement, YouTube Gaming fans began sharing their thoughts in the replies.

YouTuber WesNemo replied: “Insane news Jake, huge ty to you and the rest of the team.”

JamesDC commented: “This is awesome!! Appreciate y’all continuously listening to the community and improving.”

A third user replied: “Really digging this new design and features, especially the tailored experience. I would love to be able to have visitors see my other content.”