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YouTube apologizes to Cr1TiKaL & Markiplier after backlash over strikes

Published: 2/Sep/2020 21:36 Updated: 3/Sep/2020 0:15

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube stars Cr1TiKaL and Markiplier became the center of drama after YouTube both issued strikes and removed their videos reacting to a viral clip — but now, the platform has reversed its actions and even apologized to the content creators.

The issue began after YouTube hit popular creator Cr1TiKaL with a strike on one of his videos, in which he reacted to a viral clip that showed people dressed as popular cartoon characters getting into a staged brawl.

That’s not all; YouTube later removed the video altogether, claiming it contained “violent and graphic content” — and Cr1TiKaL wasn’t the only one who ended up getting punished over the clip.


After speaking out on the issue and decrying YouTube’s decision on Twitter, Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach was also hit with a strike, and his video, which featured his own reaction to a similar roadside fight, was likewise removed.

This incited a wave of backlash against the platform; however, shortly after the criticisms against them began to go viral on social media, YouTube’s official Twitter account issued apologies to both creators and said that they would take back the strikes.

“We’re not going to die on this hill,” Team YouTube wrote in reply to Cr1TiKaL. “You were right – after (even further) review, your video & others are back up, and these strikes have been removed. This was an over-enforcement of our policies, especially with the added context/commentary, as you originally pointed out.”


“This is definitely not the game we want to play – we’re so sorry for the confusion and frustration here,” YouTube added in response to Markiplier’s tweet. “Your video and others are back up, and the associated strikes have been removed.”

Markiplier has issued his own humorous reply to YouTube’s statement: “I appreciate the reinstatement and apology. I’m willing to accept that mistakes can happen and hope we can work together to minimize the chance that it’ll happen in the future. I’ll take the Spongebob costume off for now…”

Cr1TiKaL expressed similar sentiments over YouTube’s decision, calling their reinstatement of his video “absolutely fantastic news.”


While YouTube has been met with ample criticism over similar situations, many fans are hopeful this most recent repeal of confusing bans points to there being light at the end of the tunnel in regards to similar scenarios.