YourRAGE hits back at xQc over his response to BruceDropEmOff Twitch ban

YourRAGE xQcInstagram: YourRage/Twitch: xQc

Twitch streamer YourRage has hit back at xQc after the latter claimed that BruceDropEmOff did not get banned for “spam reports” because he was told by Twitch staff it wasn’t possible.

On March 1, Twitch star BruceDropEmOff was banned from Twitch for the second time over the last few weeks due to alleged “spam reports” on his account after what some viewed as racist actions.

Fellow streamer xQc hit back at his claims, saying that Twitch staff told him that spam reports leading to a ban were impossible for anyone on the platform.

Now YourRage has responded to xQc’s claims, saying his explanation was a lie in a series of posts on Twitter.

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YourRage hits back at xQc’s response to BruceDropEmOff ban

Posted just hours after xQc’s claims went viral, YourRAGE’s tweets have been seen over two million times.

“LIE. LIE. LIE. LIE. LIE. Unless this was a recent change within the last 6 months. I’ve literally been banned THREE times ( all reversed in the future for a “mistake” on their end ) & both my partner manager & people working with twitch would tell me It was an influx of reports,” he said.

“They were all indefinite as well. I thought it was because I wasn’t partnered so I was able to get spam reported. Then it happened again last year when I had partner.. yes it was later reversed but to say spam reports aren’t a thing is a lie.”

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In a third tweet, YourRAGE shared a screenshot of an email from Twitch staff showing that his ban was reversed and they have “taken steps to ensure this error won’t occur again in the future.”

Fans also took to his replies to share their own experiences with mass reporting, with many saying they’ve seen creators get banned for it.

“I’ve seen a small streamer get mass reported by a much bigger streamers fanbase simply because they didn’t like the person. The small streamer was banned within the hour. It’s 100% a thing,” one user replied.

Another fan replied: “It’s definitely possible. I talked to Twitch staff about this before and they tried to say EVERY report is looked at by a human.”

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