You Can Now Watch KSI vs Logan Paul and Deji vs Jake Paul Boxing Match for Free

Now a week after the Boxing match between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, the full fight is now available to watch for free.

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Initially, the only way to watch the fight was to rewatch the live broadcast – and this was only available to users who had paid the pay-per-view fee to get access on YouTube.

Many fans avoided the pay-per-view charge when the fight was live by watching on rival streaming platform Twitch, but all rebroadcasts and videos of the fight uploaded to YouTube were quickly removed.

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Now, you can watch the full fight, as well as the undercard of Deji vs Jake Paul, for free – legally, for the first time.

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The full fight has been uploaded to the official KSIvsLogan YouTube channel, running at just short of an hour total.

KSI vs Logan Paul

In fact, every single undercard fight is now available to watch for free, all uploaded in high definition on the channel.

Deji vs Jake Paul

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The VOD of the fights will be of particular interest to the fighters themselves, as KSI and Logan Paul have already agreed upon a rematch, set to take place in early 2019.

The two will be casting a keen eye over the footage to see what possible weaknesses they can exploit, to avoid another draw in the rematch.

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Logan Paul also has one eye on a possible UFC debut as well, but he will need to focus on becoming a boxer first, at least capable of taking down KSI.

KSI also plans to fight professionally, sticking with boxing. However, whichever of the two lose the rematch, it may well kill their professional fighting ambitions before they really begin.