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Yes Theory’s Ammar reveals how he ‘nearly died’ in brutal car crash

Published: 8/Sep/2020 15:17

by Jacob Hale


Yes Theory’s Ammar Kandil has released a video explaining, with footage, the gruesome car crash that he says nearly left him dead.

Yes Theory are known for living life on the edge. Though they might not always be putting their lives on the line, their ‘Seek Discomfort’ slogan embodies the way they live, constantly looking to do things that push them out of their comfort zone.

Ironically, though, this car accident came at a time when Ammar had decided to opt-out of seeking discomfort — and the star claims he’s lucky to be alive.


Yes Theory crew
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Yes Theory’s “Seek Discomfort” slogan has changed the way they live.

In a video posted to YouTube on September 7 titled ‘grateful to be alive…’, Ammar recounts the lead-up to his crash, what happened, and even shared footage and phone calls from the immediate aftermath.

Ammar said that he was planning on doing his first parachute jump of 2020 in preparation for his “dream stunt” — but all was not quite right when he arrived, saying that as he was walking into the drop zone with his parachute on, someone crashed their landing.

Ammar says that based on that and other factors, he decided not to jump that day, getting off the plane and getting in his car to head home.


On his way back to Los Angeles, he said, he was hit in his back tyre and immediately lost control of the car, hitting a light pole and the car rolled “maybe 6, 7, 8 times,” thinking in his head that “this is it.”

Ammar says that somehow he was fine, and immediately got out of the car and FaceTimed fellow Yes Theory member Thomas Brag, before showing footage and images of his Jeep showing signs of damage in just about every direction.

The YouTuber added that he just had a couple of scratches on his hand, and that the fireman that turned up called him “one lucky son of a b**ch” for being able to walk out of the car.


Ammar said that nobody else was hurt in the accident, and the irony of him abandoning his parachute jump and ending up getting hurt anyway clearly isn’t lost on him. He does say, though, that he felt at peace in the moment because he has lived his life the way he wants to, a very thought-provoking takeaway from the whole experience.