xQc’s discovers his viewership statistics aren’t what he was expecting

by Bill Cooney



Streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel surprised himself when he decided to check on the recent statistics for his Twitch channel.


xQc got banned from Overwatch in late November, but has surprised many by seeing steady growth of his channel while he’s played other games.

During a recent stream, however, xQc decided to take a quick look at his Twitch statistics and didn’t like what he ended up seeing.


As xQc pulls up the statistics, the follower count shows a steady upwards trend, but the drop in average viewers causes a shocked look to come over his face.

“Guys, don’t sell your stocks boys, please, please, keep your stocks,” xQc told chat as he cracked up about the graph.


Maybe this is the Twitch gods telling xQc he needs to return to Overwatch, either way, the streamer doesn’t seem too concerned about it.

xQc’s suspension from Overwatch should be over soon, but he’s given no indication he plans to return to the game anytime in the near future.