xQc uses pro FPS skills to escape Twitch ban for Jackie Chan nudity

xqc avoid twitch ban naked jackie chanTwitter, @xQc / Roger Birnbaum Productions

When it comes to Twitch bans, few streamers are as experienced as the juice man himself, xQc. And, it seems that — and his professional FPS experience — is coming in handy, as he showed off perfect tracking to avoid a ban for… Jackie Chan’s nudity.

Yes, you read that right. A naked (or, more realistically, almost naked) Jackie Chan was threatening Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s livelihood. But no, the beloved, oftentimes controversial Quebecois streamer was not going to let one of mankind’s greatest thespians kick him off Twitch.

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Instead of risking a sixth ban (you read that right too, as xQc’s last ban was his fifth, back in August), the man known as PVC, QVC, or any other combination of letters, simply refused Chan’s ways.

Watching clips of Chan’s illustrious career as Hollywood’s greatest stuntman, the Juicer noticed Chan was down to his underwear. So, in a brilliant tactic and a show of rare FPS (first-person shooter) skill — xQc used his face to censor Chan’s buttocks and… manly parts.

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xQc dodges Twitch ban for naked Jackie Chan

In an FPS, tracking is an invaluable skill. It means your ability to move your crosshair so that it stays on top of a moving target. In this case, xQc proved why he was able to turn pro in Overwatch, as he tracked Chan’s lower area perfectly.

And, kudos need to be handed out to the incredibly popular Twitch streamer. As far as instantaneous reactions to potentially sensitive content go, xQc’s response was perfect.

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He didn’t flinch and he didn’t freak out and turn the stream off. No, xQc’s viewers came to watch him, so he refused to rob them of that experience — instead opting to let them continue watching him, simply in new places (where the sun typically doesn’t shine).

With patented squeals of “Jesus” and “please” and “s**t, dude,” the strategic xQc succeeded on three fronts in this clip.

Firstly, he successfully avoided any chance that Twitch could ban him for Jackie Chan’s delicate area appearing on stream. Secondly, he proved, with impeccable tracking, that his FPS skills remain intact. 

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And, thirdly, xQc let his viewers know that he’s willing to put his face in sensitive areas to protect the sanctity of the stream. That’s why ban experience matters and that’s why the Juicer reigns supreme.

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