xQc urges Twitch streamers to stop using slurs amid Adin Ross accusations

xqc-adin-ross-slur-accusationsTwitch: xQc / IG: Adin Ross

Hours after Adin Ross was accused of saying homophobic slurs on YourRAGE’s broadcast, xQc urged all Twitch streamers to stop saying slurs and for their fans to stop making apologies for them.

On April 12, Adin Ross was accused of saying a homophobic slur while dropping in on YourRAGE’s stream. The alleged incident didn’t happen with him on camera. However, some believe the voice in the clip bears a resemblance to his.

YourRAGE insisted it wasn’t the case, claiming the person who said it was a “friend from high school” instead.

His response sparked a debate, with some asserting it’s clearly Adin Ross and others shrugging it off as someone else.

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Regardless, the clip appears to have sparked a reaction from xQc, who used it as an opportunity to urge streamers from all platforms to stop saying slurs of any kind and for their fans to stop making excuses for them when they do.

“Stop saying slurs and stop making apologies for your f**king ‘creators,'” he said in a tweet that went viral on April 12.

“We ‘used to’ do a lot of things in the past. We don’t live there anymore. No one is being soft. You are being dumb. Holy.”

xQc also responded to a Twitter user who claimed apology videos make people feel entitled, which promotes toxicity. “Apologize for yourself if that’s what you believe in,” he said. “If you don’t want to apologize, then don’t pay the price.”

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It’s unclear whether xQc’s comments are connected to the accusations directed at Adin Ross. However, given the timing of them, some people think they’re related — particularly in terms of the fans allegedly playing it down.

Adin Ross is yet to address the situation in any capacity.