xQc urges Twitch fans to stop brigading other streamers with hate as Tyler1 rage goes viral

xqc-tyler1-twitch-fans-stop-brigading-hateTwitch: Tyler1 / xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel urged Twitch fans to stop brigading other streamers with hate after a video of Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp raging about a Fall Guys streamer went viral on social media.

xQc returned to Fall Guys in October 2021 to celebrate the launch of Season 5. However, things didn’t work out too well for him. Not only did he encounter stream snipers along the way, but he also got outplayed during a tournament.

Baeginning, a Fall Guys player who happened to be streaming on Twitch, pulled off an insane trick that let them skip the last portion of the obstacle course. It also won them the game, much to the surprise of their competitors.

xQc and his friends weren’t too happy about it at the time.

A clip of Tyler1 losing his mind and furiously raging about it went viral on social media. It drew more than 8000 upvotes and 300 comments on LivestreamFail.

“Get a f**king life, you f**king loser!” he yelled. “What are they doing? These kids f**king live to play this goddamn game. Do you have nothing better to do than practice f**king shitty little skips in a children’s game?”

xQc thought his reaction was hilarious. However, he felt the need to issue a “public safety announcement” to his fans. He urged them not to send Baeginning or any other streamer hate for simply playing the game.

“This is a public safety announcement,” he said. “When we’re playing a game, regardless of what I say or what we’re saying, we’re trying to have some fun as friends. We’re trying to have some fun. If people mald, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Don’t send hate to people that are just playing the game. Nobody should receive a lot of hatred for playing the game. As streamers, they know we’re just kidding, and we’re just playing around, and they don’t get hurt.”

However, he did say that streamers who get offended over things like Tyler1 raging about being outplayed by them are “dumbasses.” He believes doing so means they’ve failed to understand it was “all in good fun.”

It’s not the first time xQc has urged fans to tone down their hostile behavior towards other streamers.

In March 2021, he slammed chat hoppers who bounce between streams to create drama, calling them “cancer.” It seems like he felt the need to reaffirm his stance once again, although he didn’t mention why.