xQc calls out Twitch for double-standards after Amouranth unban: “It makes no sense”

xQc Amouranth Twitch BanTwitter: Amouranth / Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel slammed Twitch for unbanning Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa after only three days, claiming that she’s repeated the same offense multiple times, while he almost got permanently banned for much less.

Amouranth helped pioneer the controversial new Twitch trend that saw streamers lying down while wearing leggings and ‘ear licking’ their microphones. However, it ultimately resulted in her fourth ban on the platform, which has since been lifted after three days.

The situation has left a bitter taste in xQc’s mouth.

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Not only did he describe their streams as a “f**king disgrace,” but he also revealed he almost got permanently banned for repeating the same offence twice, let alone four times, and called out Twitch for “double standards.”

Amouranth ASMR Meta TwitchTwitch / Amouranth
Amouranth’s fourth ban was a direct result of her ASMR meta streams.

“It’s just the fact that… [it’s] the same offense, five times in two months, and [she only got] a three-day ban,” he said, exaggerating a little on the numbers.

“After I repeated the same offense two times, I thought it was going to get [permanently banned]. I had the word ‘perma’ over my head for months for something that I did eight months ago.” He’s referring to an incident where he accidentally showed nudity on-stream.

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“Now, after five times, [she] got a three-day ban? That makes no f**king sense at all! How do you not get mad as a Twitch Partner seeing this?”

xQc’s takes on issues often draw mixed opinions. However, this time around, his stance has been well-received by fans who commended him for “speaking facts.”

But there are two sides to every story, and Amouranth believes the criticism over her latest ban is “enormously ironic.”

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