xQc thinks the new “Lion King” movie will feature tigers - Dexerto

xQc thinks the new “Lion King” movie will feature tigers

Published: 11/Apr/2019 1:11 Updated: 11/Apr/2019 4:47

by Bill Cooney


The newest trailer for Disney’s CGI remake of the “Lion King” captured the internet’s attention, so streamer Felix ‘Overwatch and before diving in once again, he decided to watch some YouTube videos with chat during the stream on April 10.

Watching videos along with chat is nothing new for Felix and neither is misidentifying certain species of big cats.

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Simba: lion or tiger?

One of the videos suggested by viewers was the new trailer for the CGI “Lion King” remake from Disney, and as the video ended, xQc seemed impressed by the realistic special effects.

“I feel like if you put this in a child movie dude, like the quality is so good that the main small tiger, you know the small tiger? He looks so cute, if he was to die that would be so depressing dude,” Felix told chat, who were already making fun of him for the slip-up.


It didn’t take xQc long to notice he was being mocked by viewers for once again not knowing the difference between large felines.

“Yeah a tiger dude, whatever dude, fucking tiger, lion, who the fuck cares man?” Felix told his chat. “You guys are so fucking annoying dude.”

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Animals, according to xQc

xQc has a history of misidentifying animals, made most famous by the infamous “cheeto” clip where he referred to the large spotted cat by the snack food brand of a similar name.

Who knows if xQc will even see the new Lion King, but at least he knows it isn’t actually about tigers.


Calling animals the wrong name has become a meme for xQc’s channel and we can certainly add the Lion King clip to the collection titled “xQc names things.”