xQc takes shots at Ninja’s French language fail

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer and Overwatch pro Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hails from Canada, being fluent in English and French - which led to his hilarious reaction towards Fortnite star Ninja’s flub of the language.

Ninja accidentally confused the French phrase “Je suis,” meaning, “I am,” with the phrase “Je jouis,” meaning, “I’m c*mming” - leading to a cacophony of laughter from those assembled.


xQc came across a clip of the incident during a broadcast on March 7, and gave a hilarious reaction to Ninja’s blunder.

xQc broke out into a laugh and jokingly poked fun at the clip’s place on livestreamfails, claiming that he wasn’t ready to see such content on his family-friendly stream.


“Guys, that's offensive to me, dude,” the streamer joked. “Where's the 'after dark' overlay? What the f*ck? I didn't get a warning. I wasn't ready for some 'after dark' content on my pg-13 schedule. What the f*ck?”

Ninja himself appeared to take his mistake pretty lightly, joking that he was “gonna learn some French tonight” after being warned of the phrase’s meaning.

Ninja’s happy accident took place during a joint stream with French streamer Gotaga, where the two teamed up with former CoD pro Broky Brawks for a Fortnite broadcast ahead of his trip to Austria.


The streamer’s stint in Europe even saw him meet up with Brazillian football pro Neymar at the PSG vs Manchester United match, which quickly went viral across the internet as a testament to Ninja’s popularity.