xQc stunned after receiving biggest donation ever: “You’re insane”

xqc looking confused on streamTwitch/xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has seen just about all there is to see in the livestreaming world, but during a stream on January 30, he was left shocked after receiving his biggest donation yet.

Big donations are not a new concept on Twitch, as a number of streamers have been given thousands of dollars in one go from their biggest fans, which is doubly beneficial for them as they get the full donation amount, rather than having to give Twitch a cut.

For example, one Twitch viewer donated a whopping $200k to VTuber AeriytheNeko back in 2021, a truly move life-changing moment for Aeriy.

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More recently, however, these huge donations haven’t been quite as common, especially with the introduction of Bits and Gifted Subs, with viewers preferring to gift subscriptions to their favorite streamers instead.

That said, xQc got a huge donation during his Jan 30 stream, even claiming that it was his biggest one yet, and couldn’t actually believe it at first.

While watching a documentary on popular YouTuber SteveWillDoIt, xQc received a donation totaling to just under $10,000. He immediately looked confused and simply asked “what the f**k?”

He went on: “Wait, dude… I think that’s my top [donation] of all time. Bro, you’re insane, no shot.”

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He went on to double-check the legitimacy of the donation and was convinced it was real, suggesting it came from an entity rather than just a single person, but it wasn’t completely clear. He went on to thank the donator multiple times before continuing with his stream.

Obviously, one big issue in the past has been donators sending loads of money before charging it back through PayPal, though time will tell whether xQc gets hit with the same here.