xQc explains why “streaming wars” were better when Netflix had a monopoly

xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc

Star streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has shared his view on the current “streaming wars” — not Twitch vs YouTube, but rather Netflix and its competitors — becoming infuriated due to market saturation and increased barriers of entry for consumers.

Nowadays, watching any show you want is becoming a more trying task. Each streaming website has their own licenses, with platform based exclusives becoming a widespread phenomena. But before this streaming wars, there was one reigning king dominating the market: Netflix.

During a recent broadcast, xQc vocalized his desire to return to those days: “call me boomer dude, but I enjoyed when Netflix had a monopoly.

“I don’t mind a monopoly if it means we don’t have to log into 8 different systems.”

In a world where Blockbuster and physical rentals were the only thing out there, Netflix showed the world the potential of online streaming. During the first couple of years of the platform’s launch, Netflix was one of the sole providers of legal online streaming — allowing them to host now very competitive shows with ease.

There was a point in time where Netflix had That 70’s Show, The Office, Frasier, and even Parks and Recreation all at the same time. But the world has since caught up — with competitors like Hulu, Disney Plus, and HBO Max contesting Netflix for big name releases.

xQc grew more heated while recapping the current state of the streaming wars, exclaiming frustration at how the only solution really is VPNs.

“VPN this, NordVPN up my **shole, this, that, f**kin three browsers, new computer, antenna, I wanna watch a show man! The consumer is always losing!”

It’s unlikely to get any better in the streaming space as more companies try to get a slice of the pie, but hopefully xQc can one day catch that show he’s after — whatever it may be.