xQc slams Twitch streamer Jinny as “irresponsible” over her Texas stay

. 1 year ago
Jinnytty and xQc
Twitch: xQc / Jinnytty

Popular Twitch streamer Jinnytty announced on February 6 that she was leaving Texas, citing the lockdown restrictions as part of the reason. But some have been critical of her explanation, including top streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

Jinny has been staying with the OTK content group in Texas, alongside fellow Twitch streamer Esfand.

On February 6, she broke down in tears as she revealed her plans to leave with her brother, returning to Korea. A number of factors contributed, including her visa situation and Esfand’s busy schedule.

But, some viewers took issue with her complaints about the social restrictions in place. Texas is one of the most hard-hit places by the ongoing crisis, and so strict rules have been applied in the state.

Twitch streamer Jinny in Germany
Jinny has been living in Texas, but now plans to return to Korea.

Jinny and her brother had hoped to travel within the US, but all of that was of course, not possible. Reacting to the situation, xQc called it “irresponsible.”

“I thought it was extremely irresponsible,” he said. “For some of these streamers to say what they’re saying, while living in Texas. Out of any place on earth or in the United States, Texas, which is one of the worst f**king case rates out there. Everyone’s f**king dying.

“‘Oh but I want to go outside and have some fun,'” he said, mockingly. “What is wrong with you man?”

And xQc wasn’t the only streamer to feel this way. OTK co-founder Mizkif expressed similar concern that Jinny wasn’t taking the situation as seriously as others.

“I feel like [Jinny] doesn’t understand the situation as much as she should,” he said on stream. “[Asmongold’s] mom is super sick, Tips just had a baby, Russell has the immune system of a child.”

Mizkif said that the OTK group, in general, felt it was best if Jinny, and her brother, were to leave.

Jinny has said that she hopes to come back in the future, potentially in the Summer, depending on where the situation stands at that time. For now, it looks like she’s headed back to Korea, an outcome that should suit everyone for the time being.

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