xQc hits back at accusations he tells huge Twitch fan base to harass other streamers

xQc confused on Twitch stream.Twitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has strongly denied he sends his ever-growing Twitch fandom to “harass other streamers” after claims the French-Canadian star ordered his chat to swarm Game Awards streams and troll the broadcasts.

Twitch’s top star has hit back at claims he encourages fans to harass other streamers, after FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill suggested xQc did just that during The Game Awards.

In a viral clip, Hill states xQc’s fans ⁠— he dubbed them “scumbag losers” ⁠— piled into his Game Awards co-stream, filling Twitch chat with vitriol and abuse while Lengyel watched the December 9 broadcast. The star has denied the claims, stating he’s never told them to brigade channels.

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“I’m sorry that happened man,” xQc said after watching the Hill clip on December 14. “I’m sorry the experience was a disaster because of the viewers, mine or others, maybe even people banned here already.

“That said, I’m not sorry for my actions, because I didn’t do anything. It sounds like a tough time, but it has nothing to do with me. I didn’t tell them to do anything.”

The French-Canadian’s ever-growing channel recently hit 9.6 million followers, and Lengyel regularly rakes in up to 100k viewers per stream. Despite the size, however, the top star believes he has his following “under control” but for a few uncontrollable bad eggs.

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xQc went on to state he has “never” encouraged his viewers to brigade other streamers. In fact, he continued, he has allegedly received “DMs, reviews, emails, even Reddit comments,” that say his chat has improved significantly.

“I didn’t encourage bullsh*t, you guys didn’t do bullsh*t,” Lengyel said. “This didn’t happen, that’s the whole point. If you did [do it], you know who you are, and don’t do that, but I don’t think we did.

“Everyone has been saying how good the chat has been, even with how big we are,” the Twitch star added. “The way you spam other chats is positive.”

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“Honestly, I wasn’t even watching [Nate Hill’s stream], not to brag, but I wasn’t paying attention to him at all. That’s how low my interest was. In this space, I know it sucks when that happens, but I didn’t do anything here.

“I understand there’s a lot of people here these days. I try my best not to be a complete moron. This was not one of those times. I did not encourage anything.”

As far as controlling his chat goes, xQc says he won’t change anything he does regarding spates of chat-hopping, despite the fandom’s growing size ⁠— pivoting rules and restrictions for a select few isn’t his priority.

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“It’s just a few bad eggs, that’s it,” he said.

“On the whole, I really think that [my] chat is pretty dank. The only bullshit that happens actually stays in this chat. The only person you guys burn to a crisp during streams is me, you sh*t on me only for some reason.”

xQc ended with a statement for his fans: “Be nice to me, please, and nice to others. I know that it’s a few bad eggs, but just remember that there’s a lot of you now.”