xQc says cops couldn’t stop man breaking into his house because of Easter

xQc says home was nearly broken into on easter sundayTwitch: xqc

Twitch star xQc says he got a notification from his home security app that someone tried to break into his home… but claims cops couldn’t do anything due to it being Easter Sunday.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the most-followed streamers on Twitch. As such, he’s a pretty big deal in the online world, even taking home the title of Best Variety Streamer at the 2023 Streamer Awards.

However, fame isn’t all sunshine and roses. Lengyel is currently going through a highly-publicized separation from former partner Adept — a topic that’s been the talk of the town on Twitch, despite him being unable to discuss the split in public.

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That’s not all; the streaming star also revealed that his home was nearly broken into on Easter Sunday in a shocking story he told his viewers on stream.

xQc says stranger tried to break into his home

According to Lengyel, he was planning a late-night broadcast when he received a notification on his phone from his home security system.

“I look at my phone and I get alerts, like camera alerts and sh*t like that, and I look, and there’s just this guy, and it looks like he’s breaking in, dude!” the streamer explained. “Into my house!”

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“I was like, ‘Yo!’ The camera shows the dude pulling up, and he starts messing with the code thing. And then, he starts messing with the camera or whatever.”

After taking a peek at the cameras, he saw that someone was attempting to burgle his home, and quickly called the police to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, he says law enforcement had their hands tied due to it being Easter Sunday and the perp already being long gone.

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“So then, I call the police, and it’s like a non-emergency type thing, right? I’m not even there, it’s like in the past, right? I’m getting alerts later. I go to the non-emergency line to make a report or whatever, and it’s like, ‘Well, it’s Easter, so we kinda can’t do sh*t. There’s nobody to take that sh*t.'”

Although xQc was clearly annoyed by this turn of events, it looks like the streamer is safe and his home unbothered — but this is far from the first time an influencer’s safety has been compromised by strangers.

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In fact, Amouranth’s stalker was recently arrested for trying to break into her home after previously violating a criminal trespass warning against her five separate times.

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