xQc reveals what triggers him most about the modern day internet

Connor Bennett

Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel will take aim at a number of things during his rage-fueled rants but there might be no stranger target than flipping out about the current state of the internet. 

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The former Overwatch League professional has become known for his signature rage when something doesn’t go his way on stream or when something just comes into his crosshairs and he has to get his opinion off his chest.

That has led to some incredible rants, raves, and highlight clips – Overwatch when some members of his chat pushed him to log in to his Plug DJ account – a music streaming service – in a bid to get the stream music changed up. That set him off.

“This is something that triggers me really hard dude. If I try to log in to a trash website, like a big website that is kind of trash like Twitter, Facebook, a huge site where it’s really bad if you get hacked – there’s no captcha, no nothing,” ranted xQc, as he took aim at website security.

He continued with his rage, adding that “trash” websites like NeoPets and Newgrounds have multiple layers of captcha. As ever, the streamer had to turn his anger to the next level, stating: “Find the dog in this picture, find the six buses, find the three fucking crosswalks, the nine street lights, two taxis, six airplanes – yo dog, I’m trying to log in, not do an IQ test bitch!”

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Anyone who has ever come across a captcha log-in will understand the point and frustration that xQc was describing, even if he was blowing it slightly out of proportion.

The streamer has never been known for keeping a cool head – especially when it comes to menial things like logging into a website. Yet, who knows, maybe someone from NeoPets was watching and decides to downgrade their security from having to spot 100 crows in 30 seconds.