xQc reveals death of Twitch’s fan-favorite ‘pet’ squirrel: “Rest in peace Sullivan”

xQc and his squirrelTwitch: xQc

xQc has revealed the death of his Twitch chat’s favorite pet squirrel, Sullivan, who had made regular appearances during his Minecraft speedruns.

Sullivan first appeared in xQc’s stream during one of his thousands of Minecraft speedruns. It was during one of these long grinds when he was suddenly shocked to find an adorable squirrel sitting on his window sill. He and his Twitch chat would eventually go on to name the critter Sullivan. 

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Sullivan would return over the coming weeks, making regular appearances in xQc’s stream, with many clips of the Twitch star feeding the squirrel on his window sill. However, in a recent stream, xQc revealed the unfortunate news that Sullivan had passed on.

During the opening segment of xQc’s May 4 stream, he was watching a clip of a squirrel when he was suddenly reminded of Sullivan. To which, he paused the video only to play sad music over his announcement. 

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“My assistant came in the other day, and she said that while she was driving in, in the middle of the main street, she found Sullivan’s body in the middle of the road,” xQc said. 

“Chat, the squirrel that I’ve been feeding,” taking a long pause in his sentence, “He got run over. Sullivan has died. Age four. Rest in peace, Sullivan.” 

He immediately paused the music to further clarify that he was able to tell it was Sullivan because of his body weight. “I know it’s him because of his big body, and he has an orange-ish color” he added. 

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He further explained how Sullivan grew in size and how it may have even contributed to his death.

“I was feeding him very lightly, I think the neighbors were overfeeding him and he got fat and I think he lost his athleticism and he probably made a bad jump on the street or he couldn’t run fast enough and got run over,” he said. “I blame LA, they fattened him.”

Naturally, his viewers flooded the chat with “o7”, the sign for a salute, to bid adieu to their favorite squirrel. 

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