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xQc rages after being “scammed” by Toreba crane game

Published: 21/Sep/2019 0:03 Updated: 21/Sep/2019 0:08

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Overwatch play – but it wasn’t Overwatch that got him heated during a September 20 stream.

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Although a former player for the Dallas Fuel, xQc isn’t just an Overwatch junkie, broadcasting a variety of games for his audience like CS:GO, as well as browsing through viral Twitch clips.

Lengyel further added to his portfolio of content during a September 20 broadcast by trying his hand at Toreba, a remote crane game service that allows players to try their hand at the UFO-catcher from the comfort of their own home.

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Toreba is a popular remote crane game service, allowing users to play the UFO-catcher right from their own homes.

As many players know, crane games are no cakewalk, and many require certain strategies (and hours in front of the arcade machine) to win – a fact that xQc found out the hard way.


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The streamer appeared to have a win in the bag, after managing to pick up a ping pong ball with the claw machine. The tension was apparent in his face as the machine sidled over to the right to hover over the target point – and failed to drop the ball, which stayed attached to its prong.

“WHAT?” xQc screamed in response to the failure, claiming that the game was merely a scam to swindle players out of their money. “I’m done! I’m done! Scammed! Scammed! …that is utter fucking trash! It is magnetized. That is proof. That is magnetized!”


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While xQc may not be a crane game god, that isn’t stopping him from trying his hand at other titles: but he gets equally frustrated with these games, at times, as seen during his rant at another player during a CS:GO session on September 2.

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“I have never paused the game before,” the streamer shouted after a fellow player decided to pause their match. “I have never asked for pause, I will never ask for a pause ever. So tell me, with what it’s in the mind of a piece of shit like you, why do you pause games? Fuckin tell me!”


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No matter the game, it looks like xQc always has big reactions in store – although these reactions don’t always correlate with dubs, as in the case of his failed Toreba experience.