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xQc rage quits after ‘scummy’ Monopoly game with JakeNBake gets heated

Published: 9/Aug/2021 21:04

by Alan Bernal


Monopoly is once again creating a rift among acquaintances after a match with xQc, JakeNBake, and other Twitch streamers got derailed by trickery and cheeky tactics.

For decades, the popular board game has been turning living rooms into heated war rooms. Even in the online sphere, the game still has its classic effect of making dualling factions out of game night with Monopoly Plus.

JakeNBake, along with other streamers like Mizkif & xQc, were in the trenches of making deals and racking up properties. While everyone has their own tactics to foster and develop throughout a game, the digital version apparently has other facets to screw over other players.


There were a few instances of that happening in their game that lasted more than three hours. This ultimately led to players’ rage quitting, awkward banter between those that were left, and more unfortunate effects that can happen from a game of Monopoly.

As the game unfolded, JakeNBake was enjoying a developing arc after xQc let a trade go through with streamer ‘Justaminx.’ Apparently, she got the UI colors mixed and accidentally let go of properties she didn’t want to trade – which xQc was all too happy to accept.

According to Jake, he was leaning into the “scummy real estate agent” storyline that was developing from that xQc deal.


But there’s many narratives that develop throughout a game of Monopoly. About an hour after that, Justaminx went AFK when a bot took over her spot for a little while.

That’s when Jake gave the bot a deal they couldn’t refuse, which surprised Justaminx when she got back.

This is basically when the drama between Jake, who was loving the ‘toxic’ banter, and xQc was spiraling. Jake was feeding a narrative, while xQc got fed up after seeing a player “bug” the game, as he described it.

“Banter is fun but ruining the game for everyone else is kinda weird,” an annoyed xQc said.


The game sputtered around the end with people getting bankrupt and, in xQc’s case, leaving early. Jake later said that criticisms about the AI trade were “fair.”

For longtime Monopoly players, all of these vibes should feel familiar. While the digital version of the game has different means of exploiting players, this seems like a regular feud that would drum up from the classic board game.