Pokimane and xQc's first Minecraft stream together was as hilarious as you'd imagine

Connor Bennett

Twitch streamers Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys teamed-up for a few hours in a hilarious Minecraft stream that saw them troll each other while getting to grips with the game.

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It’s not often that fans get to see xQc and Pokimane link-up. The pair have appeared on-stream together, most notably back at TwitchCon in April, and the former Overwatch professional has even tried to help Poki out with some YouTube likes.

Yet, they finally got together for a lengthy Minecraft stream, a game that has captured xQc’s interest, on August 4 – and it provided some pretty hilarious moments for themselves and their respective viewers.

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Pokimane, InstagramPokimane teamed up with xQc for a Minecraft adventure.

Things got off to an interesting start when the pair had to fend off Zombies and Spiders from attacking their quickly constructed shelter.

They seemed to be doing a good job – that was until things took a sour turn. With xQc’s health running low, the pair seemed to stand on top of each other before Poki swung her sword wildly and taking down her partner. The former Overwatch pro was clearly furious, but had to let things go in a bid to save their home.

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Of course, with this being Minecraft, you’re going to run into some more danger sooner rather than later – usually, in the form of a creeper. Sometimes, things get pretty bad pretty quickly, and constant explosions will ruin your day.

That all happened to Pokimane as he screamed for help after running into a creeper. That explosion led her into lava, and she needed some advice from xQc to save hersefl. “You’re dying? He asked. “You need to find water, a water. Anywhere, extinguish yourself. Eat, eat food!” 

In Poki’s moment of panic, the pair continued to scream at each other before she dodged a bullet and survived with barely any health points left. 

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However, she wouldn’t be so lucky following xQc’s advice just a little bit later. The pair ventured into the Nether, Minecraft’s Hell-like biome, to do battle with some increasingly tougher enemies.

Yet, in a bid to try and save themselves, xQc suggested that they break a rule by sleeping in the Nether. Despite Pokimane’s suspicions, they tried to make it work but were left ruing their decision after being killed by the game itself – leaving Lengyel to burst out in laughter. 

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It was those pesky beds which caused more trouble, and provided more laughs, during the pair’s broadcast.As they tried to speed the game up from night to day, they bunkered down in their small home and tried to get some rest. 

Yet, Poki stole xQc’s spot and he needed to find somewhere else. Instead of wasting any time, he placed another bed down next to her and hopped in – prompting Poki to begin laughing and waving at her stream to not start any childish jokes. 

It remains to be seen if the pair will link up again for another blast around the massively popular sandbox title, but fans will be hoping for more – especially if they can replicate their hilarious first stream.