xQc mocks esports teams making “sh*t” NFTs to profit from fans

xqc and 100 thieves lcs chain nft100 Thieves/Twitch: xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has mocked esports teams that are making “sh*t” NFTs to try and make money from their fans.

NFTs are becoming ever more popular and no longer belong to just a niche corner of the internet that very few people know about.

The most expensive NFTs sell for millions of dollars, and as a result we’ve seen celebrities trying to capitalize on the trend (though Justin Bieber might have missed the mark), and now esports teams such as New York Subliners and 100 Thieves are making their own NFTs.

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On February 3, esports host Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez wrote a tweet about fans’ complaints, saying that “that’s how a business works” when fans accuse them of only “caring about money” by getting involved with crypto or NFTs.

While the responses to Goldenboy’s tweets were mixed, xQc let him know exactly what he thought of esports teams getting involved with NFTs.

“[In my opinion] business thinks about making good money but a great business thinks about making a good product, first,” he explained. “The problem is that NFT is a shit fucking product and everyone (fans) agree.”

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Finishing off with a “L + Ratio,” the Canadian Twitch star made clear exactly how he feels, and thinks it boils down to NFTs in general being a “sh*t f**king product.”

One viewer shared his opinion that NFTs uses aren’t far removed from having to pay for a Twitch subscription.

“How is offering custom emojis and a badge for a sub different from NFTs?” they asked.

While opinions are still very much divided — and the gaming community largely standing against NFTs in the space — it’s hard to see how that school of thought can be rectified.

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Whether esports teams do find ways to better integrate their fans into the world of NFTs in a way they actually like remains to be seen.