xQc loses his mind in another classic rant about anime fans - Dexerto

xQc loses his mind in another classic rant about anime fans

Published: 18/Jan/2020 14:38

by Andy Williams


Popular Twitch streamer, Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, roasted people for watching “internet garbage” anime shows, in another of his infamous on stream rants.

Anime has snowballed in popularity in recent times. Stemming from Japanese culture and animation techniques, the genre soon filtered through to Western society.

From Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z to the Fullmetal Alchemist series, there is something for everyone… apart from xQc, it seems.

Ash looking at Pikachu.
The Pokémon Company
It’s been almost 22 years since ‘Pocket Monsters’ (more commonly referred to as Pokémon) debuted as an anime series.

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While anime seems to tick the boxes for many, the former Overwatch pro has a somewhat divisive stance on the genre of film, TV and animation. 

After turning his hand to the latest release in the Dragon Ball Z series of games, xQc has been having a hard time acclimating to the game’s mechanics after failing during the tutorial.


Despite being overrun by the game’s AI-controlled tutorial, Lengyel persisted to stream his efforts in a bid to entertain his faithful following.

After being prompted to watch the anime series, the Canadian responded: “We are not watching it… Why? I care more about memories, nostalgia [and] people’s experience more than you’re stupid sh*t weeb internet garbage, okay?”

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The Twitch streamer wasn’t done there, as he continued his rant. “People watched this when they were young, on their sofas downstairs with some mac and cheese, with their Dad yelling up top,” xQc exclaimed. 


Frantically yelling his words, Lengyel continued: “Not in their f**king Mom’s basement, at 29-years-old, with their f**king unwashed neck-beard!”

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This isn’t the first time xQc has experienced a Dragon Ball-induced rage during a livestream, after the 24-year-old reached his final form during a livestream after his game crashed before he could take-on Frieza in one of the game’s iconic battle sequences. 

While the Canadian’s rant may have caused uproar among his audience, the large majority of his Twitch chat appeared to agree with his stance — despite being at his wit’s end with all of the requests to watch the anime show.