xQc loses $800k to a server error during gambling stream

After setting the Big Win record for The Wild Machine and winning over $800k, a server error caused xQc to lose his winnings.

In June of 2021, the French-Canadian streamer xQc announced he would be quitting gambling on stream. This decision was made after he admitted to having a moderate gambling addiction and that a couple thousand of his viewers used his promo code to start gambling.

However, in 2022, xQc would return to gambling on stream losing more money than ever. He called his addiction an “illness” and even revealed his multi-million dollar losses on his podcast with Pokimane.

Despite constant criticism and millions of dollars lost, xQc continues to gamble on stream throwing thousands of dollars at virtual slot machines in mere seconds. But the streamer recently lost a major prize due to an Internal Server Error.

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xqc gambling stream errorxQc (Twitch)
xQc moments after realizing he lost $800k on Stake.com

xQc loses $800k to gambling error

Four hours into a gambling session on June 20, 2022, the Juicer was enjoying a slot game called The Wild Machine on Stake.com. After several wins big and small, xQc got the world record Big Win on the machine for $825k.

After celebrating, xQc flicked his mouse up to the top left corner of the screen to hit the refresh button and continue playing, but he quickly realized that was a mistake.

As the page reloaded, a white screen appeared with the text ‘500 Internal Server Error’. xQc took a moment to process what had just happened before erupting in a fit of rage.

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“No! What did I do! F**k, I’m so dumb!” xQc exclaimed pulling his hair and flailing his body. He would end his outburst slinking low into his chair and staring at the bright screen for a few moments.

Once he came to, the streamer was actually quite optimistic. He stated, “You know what? It saved me. I was gonna go back to Itero and it was gonna go one mil downwards trend without a single hint of a hit.”

xQc then hopped over to DayZ where he was accidentally permabanned for killing his stream sniper.