xQc in disbelief as Tyler1 shows up in his horror game - Dexerto

xQc in disbelief as Tyler1 shows up in his horror game

Published: 16/Feb/2020 11:46

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was stunned after encountering his fellow Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp during a playthrough of the newly released Dreams game.

Dreams, which was released by Sony Entertainment on February 14, allows players to create their own worlds and in-game assets for other users to experience.

However, while playing through some of the worlds that had been created by the game’s users, or ‘Dream Surfing’, xQc was shocked to recognize a familiar voice during his playthrough.

Riot Games
Tyler1 was surprisingly featured in a horror mode during xQc’s stream.

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Many of the dream worlds often include challenges and puzzles for the players to complete, however, in xQc’s case, he found himself in what appeared to be a horror-game mode.


While he was progressing through the dark and mysterious level, the popular streamer heard a scream coming from the distance and instantly recognized who it was.

The sound bite, although it was slightly altered for dramatic effect, was seemingly used from one of the many Tyler1’s stream clips of him screaming, and surprised xQc and his viewers.

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“Is that Tyler? Holy sh*t!” xQc asked, laughing to himself after picking up on his fellow streamer’s feature during his playthrough of the world.

The popular League of Legends streamer’s scream did not seem too far out of place in the horror setting, however, it did break the tension during xQc’s attempt.


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Unfortunately, Tyler1 was not able to be seen in the user-generated mode, although with the game only recently being released it could be something that players have planned for their future in-game worlds.

With the ability to build a world from scratch, it is likely that many more streamers will encounter some hilarious Easter eggs and surprises added by those who develop these modes.