xQc hysterical after brutal donation message roasts Asmongold & Pokelawls

Asmongold, xQc - Twitch / Pokelawls, Instagram

It’s no secret that Overwatch pro and Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lenygel has a dedicated fanbase — but some of these fans aren’t afraid to poke fun at their favorite broadcasters now and then.

xQc, like most top streamers, allows fans to send a special message with their donations, giving them a platform to say whatever they like about their broadcast in exchange for their contributions.

However, some personalities are prone to talking through these messages, which are often read aloud by a text-to-speech program.

xQc, Twitter
Twitch star ‘xQc’ received a donation message that roasted fellow streamers Pokelawls and Asmongold – and he couldn’t contain his laughter.

Apparently, fellow internet star ‘Pokelawls’ is one of these streamers, as told by a brutal donation message he received during a joint broadcast with xQc on March 12.

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In fact, the donator was so “upset” by his constant blabbering that they savagely roasted him, commenting on his physical appearance with a few hilarious quips that left xQc in stitches in his own stream.

“If you talk over my f**kin’ dono again, I will come to your house and jab my fingers into your f**king lizard eyes,” the message began. “You could legit look both ways crossing the street without moving your head an inch. Salamander-looking a**.”

pokelawls, Instagram
Streamer Pokelawls was savagely roasted by a witty donator – and he didn’t agree with their sentiments on his appearance.

The donator wasn’t done there: they continued with their humorous tirade with even funnier “insults” toward WoW streamer Asmongold, causing xQc to take a breather from his game to focus on what was being said as a smile spread over his face.

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“And you, Asmond — why the f**k do you sound American?” the message continued. “But you have the most f**king EU teeth I have ever seen. You could eat an apple through a f**king picket fence with those tilted-a** chompers.”

xQc found the sentiment so funny that he ended up slapping his desk in response, leaning back in his chair with laughter — although Poke himself didn’t seem to agree with the donator’s sentiments.

“That dono burned you guys to a crisp!” he explained.

“That’s not even true, my eyes aren’t even that wide apart!” Poke rebutted after xQc read the donation to him. “What the f**k?”

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Despite all the spam, sometimes, Twitch chat comes through with some hum-zingers — and this was certainly one of them.