xQc hits out at Twitch viewer asking for “positive vibes” on his stream

. 11 months ago
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Popular Twitch streamer xQc mocked a Twitch viewer after they donated asking for “positive vibes”, explaining that he isn’t going to fake his reactions or mood for the sake of the stream.

The rage-inducing, tactical adventure game, Jump King, has once again rightfully claimed its throne at the top of Twitch with the release of its newest level, Babe of Ascension.

With the release of the new level, streamers and content-creators flocked to the game in a race to see who can complete the level the fastest.

One streamer who decided to give it a shot was Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, who’s sometimes known for his outbursts of rage. A viewer of the popular Twitch streamer asked if he could stick with positive vibes, prompting xQc to mock him.

xQc is widely known by many for his rage’s on stream.

“Can you make the stream vibe a little positive please?” a viewer said in his donation message. “F**k no” Lengyel responded. “The stream vibe will be what the stream vibe will be mother f**ker. I’m not going to fabricate this sh*t.”

Shortly after, xQc proceeds to make a mistake, leading to him falling down in the level, and instead of responding with anger, xQc goes on to mock the viewer who asked him to be positive. “Oh wow, I fell down and lost all my progress f**k yeah boys, f**k yeah, I’m loving this! The music is a vibe, the chat is a vibe, f**k yeah.”

While being distracted xQc falls down even further in the level, with him continuing to mock the viewer’s suggestion as he plummets to the bottom of the level.

Mocking viewers is certainly not a first for xQc, and we suspect it won’t be the last. Though it is a big change from the streamer’s usual rage. During a stream on August 9, after 4hrs of climbing his way up to the top, xQc makes a costly mistake, leading him to rage.

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