xQc hits back at MatPat over “lies” and criticism of Twitch streamers

Twitch streamer xQc next to YouTuber MatPat screenshot.Twitch: xQcOW / YouTube: The Game Theorists

Streamer xQc responded to MatPat after the YouTuber criticized Twitch and its creators during his latest Game Theory episode.

Matthew ‘MatPat’ Patrick took Twitch to task during his February 2022 Game Theory episode when he told the Amazon-owned platform and its streamers such as Pokimane to “grow up.” The YouTuber argued that the site’s react meta and how it handles DMCA claims is “irresponsible.”

Popular streamer Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel reacted to the video essay during his live broadcast and called out the theorist for spreading “misinformation” and “lies.” The former Overwatch pro claimed that the 32-year-old’s take on Twitch was a “disaster” due to lack of research.

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Screenshot of streamer xQc reacts Game Theory episode on Twitch.Twitch: xQcOW / YouTube: The Game Theorists
The popular streamer took issue with a Game Theory episode on Twitch.

xQc hits back at MatPat’s Game Theory on Twitch

For his latest Game Theory, MatPat called out Twitch for not regulating its content like YouTube. The theorist claimed that the infamous hot tub and reaction metas were the results of streamers being desperate to fill their contracts which required them to go live for an insane amount of hours. According to xQc, this isn’t accurate.

“That’s not even true,” he said. “The Twitch Partner agreement doesn’t have any hours requirement in them. The Twitch Partner or affiliate program does NOT have any required amount of streaming. What are you talking about?”

The Twitch star also took issue with MatPat using Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker as examples of channels being banned for copyright infringement. “Master Chef NEVER got DMCA’d. You can still watch it. Nobody ever got DMCA’d for any of them. The DMCA Hasan got was fake. It was literally fake,” he said. “Disguised Toast did not get banned. That is not true. He wasn’t banned, he wasn’t even suspended. He was put on a two-day cooldown because of a live DMCA. This is literally not true. I’m not malding, correcting misinformation and literal lies is not malding.”

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When the Game Theory host argued that Twitch needs to look out for its creators like YouTube does, Lengyel exclaimed, “Says a f**king YouTuber. HOLY F**K. What a disingenuous fu**king comparison. I don’t want to shit on the guy, the only problem is, for a guy whose content is theories and research about games, the lack of research in a lot of these Twitch examples was a f**king disaster. Quick research could have disproven more than half of his examples or the claims he made.”

The Twitch star told his viewers that he feels many YouTubers have a warped perspective on the Amazon-owned platform. “I think a lot of YouTubers whenever they have takes on Twitch streamers, they are projecting their own survival instincts they have on YouTube with their own content,” he said. “Because with YouTube, if you don’t make enough videos you can fall off and disappear. They are always on edge about disappearing and losing viewers. I don’t have any survival instinct. I watched TV shows because I wanted to, not because I needed to.” 

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Lengyel also took issue with MatPat saying that Twitch should be paying for TV show licenses for streamers to watch””They already have that, it’s Amazon Prime. It’s not very refined. It’s not worldwide. It shows the future though and we will get there. MatPat doesn’t understand that we already have this and it sucks! In certain regions, it’s blocked, and that alienates a portion of your live viewers.”

Although xQc had major issues with the episode, he still called it a “good” watch and told his fans that he didn’t want to be too harsh on the popular theorist, though he believes that most of the argument gets the streaming platform wrong.

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