xQc hints at starting his own podcast and who his first guest would be

xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc

Twitch’s number one streamer xQc may be planning to branch out from just daily streams, to start his very own podcast, teasing the idea and who he’d invite to be the first guest.

Podcasting has become all the rage for content creators, with a mix of YouTubers, streamers, and more all starting up their own mini-talk shows, inviting their famous friends for a chat.

And there can be big money in these projects – Spotify swiped Joe Rogan’s podcast from YouTube in a $200 million deal, and KSI revealed he had turned down a $10m offer to start his podcast.

For xQc, it’s very early days, and the podcast may never happen, but it sounds like he is certainly considering the idea.

xQc wants Forsen on brand new podcast

Speaking on his September 12 stream, xQc was watching some of Forsen’s channel, a Swedish streamer who has been one of the big names on the platform since its early days in 2011.

“Guys, one day, I’ll open up my insane new idea podcast,” xQc said. “I’ll have Forsen as the first guest. It’s going to be a big interview.”

Part of xQc’s desire to get Forsen as a guest on his future, non-existent podcast, is because the Swede is somewhat of an enigma.

He rarely interacts with the wider streaming community, plays a variety of games and doesn’t have an exorbitant streaming setup, instead keeping things simple – a bit like xQc himself.

xQc even asked his chat, “people who watch Forsen, why doesn’t he want to be around other people these days?”

However, some chatters did point out that Forsen did in fact do his first interview in seven years back in June, with gaming-focused supplement brand MADMONQ.

As for an interview with xQc himself, now that would definitely be something fans would want to see.