xQc hilariously tries to avoid Twitch ban after in-game character gets naked

by Calum Patterson


Popular streamer Felix 'xQc' Lengyel had to act fast when the infamous nudity scene in Heavy Rain began, obviously unaware that it was coming.


Twitch has strict rules about nudity and sexual content on the site, but sometimes things can happen fast and catch streamers off guard - requiring some quick thinking.

A particular scene in the 2010 game 'Heavy Rain' has caught many a live streamer in this very moment, as the character strips entirely to go in the shower, and the game shows everything.


In the past, other big name streamers like Tyler1 and DansGaming have been caught out by this scene, but even after all this time, xQc still didn't know what to expect.

Although Twitch will not typically ban players for nudity shown in games, xQc wasn't taking any risks, as he thinks fast to cover up the screen.

Using the small box for his face camera, he moves it around in line with the character's chest, as he says "I didn't know! I did not know!"


His reaction was very different than Tyler1's, who instead of making an attempt to cover the gameplay, tried to get a better look instead.

Thankfully, xQc's channel is still up and running, so it appears Twitch were sympathetic to the unexpected nude scene.