xQc goes viral with hilarious CSGO fail sabotaging his teammates

. 1 month ago
CS:GO game screenshot with xQc streaming on Twitch
Twitch: xQc/ Valve

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left red-faced after a particularly embarrassing moment during a CS:GO stream.

xQc is no stranger to capturing funny moments during his livestreams which have left his viewers in hysterics, be it because of him saying something funny or doing something completely unexpected in-game.

Whether it’s his fans trolling Fox News into giving him a fake high school graduation message or being pranked by his viewers during a sleeping stream, xQc’s streams regularly have fans laughing.

His most recent comedic moment came during his stream on June 4 while playing CS:GO. The streamer managed to pull the wool over his fellow player’s eyes at the most intense point during the game and to brilliant effect.

xQc streaming on Twitch
When he’s not having an explosive rant over something, xQc often leaves his viewers in hysterics over his antics.

xQc tricks CS:GO teammate on stream

xQc was playing CS:GO alongside his fellow streamer ‘Jesse’ when he decided to play a prank on his teammate by playing dumb.

While on a call together, Jesse decided to hide behind some crates for shelter as the duo planned their attack on their enemies in a bunker. However, as xQc launched a Molotov aimed toward the bunker’s small window, he narrowly missed his target.

As a result, the grenade struck Jesse who believed it was the work of his rivals: “I just got mollied. I think they mollied me.” Yet, rather than own up to his misplay, xQc continued his charade with his teammate.

After Jesse asked xQc where his Molotov hit, he responded: “I didn’t throw it yet.” He then proceeded to throw a flash and, once again, hit his teammate – and to top it all off, he then instantly kills another teammate with a headshot.

Jesse was subsequently confused as to how his rivals could possibly know his precise location and get a perfect strike against him. “Okay, I’m blind they just threw a f**king perfect flash at me,” Jesse screamed. “These guys know right where I’m at!”

The clip went viral across social media picking up 18k upvotes on Reddit, as of writing, with some fans calling it “one of the funniest clips” they’ve seen in a long time. Meanwhile, many more just shared their “love” for Jesse.

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