xQc goes on an incredible philosophical rant during an Overwatch match

by Bill Cooney



Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel took his chat on a deep philosophical dive when he wondered out loud during an Overwatch match about the nature of truth.


xQc is probably known more for his entertaining Overwatch streams than for his tenure as a gaming chair philosopher.

That said, the question xQc ended up posing to chat was pretty deep and hilarious coming from out of nowhere just in the middle of an Overwatch match.


As his team pushed the payload on Blizzardworld, xQc began to question the very notion of “truth” itself.

“I just thought about that,” xQc mused with his chat. “Is there such a thing as the truth?”

“Can you really know how things really are?” He wondered. “In their true form, without any dogshit around it?"


This isn’t the content viewers usually expect from xQc, who recently returned to playing Overwatch after being suspended for a few months.

The question seemed to be one even Twitch chat, with all it’s memes, couldn’t provide a solid answer on.

We're not sure what prompted this deep philosophical journey from xQc, but perhaps it stems from having his singing skills viciously roasted by his own mother on stream.