xQc fans disgusted by his filthy Twitch streaming set-up

Twitch: xQc

Fans don’t always get a behind the scenes look at their favorite Overwatch professional-turned-streamer has become a popular channel on the livestreaming platform, regularly wracking up thousands of viewers to watch him rage for one reason or another.

While that is what viewers can usually expect from his broadcasts, anyone who tuned in during the start of his May 3 stream got a huge surprise as he turned the camera away from himself and gave some shine to his set-up.

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Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentThe former Dallas Fuel player left fans disgusted by his rotting food.

xQc’s messy streaming set-up 

Showing off a set-up usually means that streamer will point the camera at their computer and describe what type of mammoth build is inside it. Others will show off their incredible detailed monitors and how they use them to control their stream with ease.

However, xQc decided to show off his keyboard, which, of course, was missing a few keys because of his constant desk smashing. Yet, those missing keys didn’t leave too much free space as dust and other general mess had filled the gaps.

“We already know the keyboard is dirty, so, whatever dude,” said xQc, before quickly moving away from his keyboard as fans spammed his chat with messages and emotes about how strange it looked.

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Yet, he wasn’t finished there and quickly flipped his camera to the pile of trash that had formed to his side. The streamer explained how his mom had been away for a few days and that no one had fixed up the mess.

“It’s looking pretty rough out here boys,” stated xQc, before picking up a plate of old food.

“Dude, look on the fucking pickle, that’s actual mold is it not?” asked the streamer, almost pretty pleased with his mess. “What’s the grey thing right there? Is that rot? Oh dude, that is fucking disgusting.”

Twitch viewers may have been left shocked by Tyler1’s set-up and just how basic and unkept it was compared to other streamers, but at least he didn’t have rotting food lying around.

xQc’s regular viewers will probably be hoping that his mom returns from her hiatus to sort his living situation out so that aren’t put off their own food if the streamer decides to show his set-up off again.