xQc explains why Twitch’s new simulcasting policy could be its downfall

xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc

xQc dropped his take on Twitch’s new simulcasting, or multi-casting, policy, saying that it could lead to a “flip” in the industry that damages Twitch’s reputation as the go-to site for streaming.

Twitch had previously allowed for streamers to simulcast to other platforms via mobile devices, but recently banned it for all creators, including non-affiliated streamers.

While reacting to Ninja’s announcement that he’d begin streaming on Kick, YouTube and other alternative platforms, xQc broke down the economics behind the policy, and what it could mean for the future of the industry.

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xQc reacts to Ninja streaming on Kick and YouTube rather than Twitch

“Ok, so this is a very simple economic concept that applies here. What Twitch is saying is ‘Stream only on Twitch because you want to stream on the place that’s most relevant that you can grow the most on’ and people will always mostly choose Twitch.

“And as the changes go, people will multicast and say ‘f*ck Twitch, I’m going to do YouTube, Kick, TikTok, Rumble, all the other ones’ and that will create a relevant switch.

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“At one point people will go ‘OK, I’m going to go to the most relevant one, I’m definitely not going to go to Twitch anymore’ when that starts shifting. That’s just how that works, unfortunately.”

xQc also predicted that the ban on simulcasting means that Twitch ends up relying heavily on its reputation, which could backfire if they continue losing faith within the streaming industry.

“So at this stage, Twitch is saying ‘f*ck y’all, use the best one which is us’, but as they do that they force you to choose, and that will dwindle down slowly until it completely flips, and when that flips, it’s impossible to go back. Once it flips, it’s GG.”

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For more news and updates on the backlash to Twitch from the streaming community, check out Ninja’s reaction to the “tone-deaf” Twitch policies introduced earlier this week.

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