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Entertainment • Feb 07, 2019

xQc explains why he thinks people who travel are 'Hipster retards'

xQc explains why he thinks people who travel are 'Hipster retards'

Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s streams are always packed with hilarious moments, but a recent clip from of the Canadian left fans speechless, as he described people who travel the world as "hipster normie retards."


xQc and fellow Twitch star Steven 'Destiny' Bonnell were streaming together on Wednesday, February 5, playing Subnautica, an exploration game set underwater.

While playing, the pair started to talk about travelling, when Lengyel shared his rather bizarre opinion about people who like to travel and see the world.

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xQc was a professional Overwatch player, before moving to streaming full-time.


“Would you like to travel?” asked Destiny as he searched for resources on Subnautica. “Um, no,” replied xQc. “Traveling is for hipster, normie retards.”

Stunned by the response, Bonnell repeated Lengyel’’s response back to him, who continued: “Yeah, hipster trash. People who travel are pretentious douchebags who think traveling the world and seeing things will make them a better person when they’re not. Their parents fuel their addiction to travel like little bitch ass retards.”

“Damn, chill,” Destiny told xQc, “some people just like to travel!”


Despite his often controversial opinions (or maybe in part thanks to them), xQc has become one of the most popular stars on Twitch, and his decision to branch out to different games instead of solely playing Overwatch has also helped his channel grow. 

He has been focusing on new battle royale title Apex Legends since its release on February 4, and showed how his incredible Overwatch ability translates to other games.

While xQc is seeing lots of success through gaming, it seems clear than fans of the streamer shouldn’t expect to see him branch out into creating travel content any time soon.

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