xQc Explains Why Ninja Will Win Streamer of the Year at Esports Awards

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel thinks that Ninja will win Streamer of the Year at the Esports Awards, but also offered his own views on what makes streamers special.

The former Overwatch pro believes that numbers are the most important factor for the Esports Awards to determine Streamer of the Year.

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xQc was responding to fans in his chat when the subject of Streamer of the Year came up. His fans said they would vote for him, which caused xQc to respond.

Ninja is going to win it. I appreciate your votes though, thank you so much for you guys believing in me.

He would go on to say that there is no good way to determine who the “best” streamer is.

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The best streamer might have 60 viewers and never grow from there. Maybe he is good at building a community and doing exactly what they want in a way that he likes it.

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Since xQc believes the best streamer can’t be quantified, popularity might be the only way to determine the Streamer of the Year award.

I like the gesture [for Streamer of the Year] but numbers speak and Ninja popped off. I believe that Ninja deserves it.

Ninja’s Twitch channel hit almost 250,000 subscribers at one point, by far the most on the platform.

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xQc is also popular on the streaming service and is estimated to be in the top 20 in subscriber count.

For his views on what makes a great streamer, check out the clip below.