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xQc explains himself after leaking “cheats” folder on his PC

Published: 27/Dec/2020 15:38

by Georgina Smith


Popular streamer xQc ended up having to explain why he had a folder labeled “cheats” on his PC after he accidentally revealed his folder menu screen live on stream. The reason behind it was a lot more innocent than some fans had hoped.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, with a follower count of over 4.4 million. Thanks to the sheer amount of streaming he does, it’s no wonder that on a daily basis something dramatic or hilarious ends up happening while live.

This time, people thought Felix had really messed up when he accidentally revealed his computer screen mid-stream.


Lengyel made matters worse by appearing to panic as the screen showed, probably just worried that something private might have shown accidentally.

xQc explained that he has a push to mute, and when he clicked it, it ended up pulling up a screen full of files. The names of the folders included ‘Battery,’ “Bit and Sub Badge Files,’ along with games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Fall Guys.

It didn’t take long for one folder to catch viewers’ attention though: one labeled ‘Cheats.’ Almost as soon as the page opened it was closed, but chat managed to catch on to the suspiciously named folder and flooded xQc with comments about it.


Felix then went on to explain why exactly the folder is named that, and it was a lot less incriminating than it initially looked.

“It’s Minecraft mod packs. I have a ‘cheat’ folder, that’s just how it works.” After a moment of thinking he said “ah it’s actually not even Minecraft. It’s Pokemon. I’m dumb, it’s actually Pokemon.”

“Whenever you download a game like Pokemon and you have a randomizer, and your randomizer, there’s something called ‘cheats,’ and those cheats are like to make the game different,” he continued.

“If you’re doing a certain run, you have to use a cheats folder. It’s called cheats because you’re cheating the game, you’re cheating it. Either to make it harder, or easier.”


That didn’t stop the chat making jokes about the accidental reveal, but at least Felix’s explanation illuminated the real reason he has a folder labeled cheats on his computer.

Using any kind of cheats or hacks in games is actually against Twitch’s community guidelines (not to mention likely to get you banned from the game as well). So, of course, xQc will stay well away from anything untoward when gaming. But, mods are allowed on Twitch, provided it doesn’t “give the account owner an unfair advantage in an online multiplayer game.”